I Love Family History

Everywhere I look, I see an increasing interest in genealogy. 

I have been actively doing genealogy since I was a child - I love genealogy.  Currently, I volunteer at the Nashua Family History Center as a librarian, the Nashua Historical Society as a researcher, I run a Facebook page called 'Genealogy in Acerra, Italy', I photograph tombstones as a volunteer for Find A Grave, and I love watching Genealogy Roadshow and Relative Race.

I started researching when I was about 10 years old since my mother, a professional genealogist, took me with her to libraries and graveyards for years.  I've focused on my husband's Italian ancestors for the past 23 years.  Once you find out what town in Italy your relatives came from, the research becomes easier, but sometimes that first step is the hardest. 

I am a professional genealogist and I don’t mind doing the small jobs that will help you start with that first step or that will help you get past those challenging brick walls. If you want to hire a professional, contact me at YourFamilyQuest@gmail.com

Please consider a paid subscription to help offset my costs. For example, Who Were the Children of George Bentley Sr. of Greenfield, New York? took about 1,000 hours to research and write, vital records cost over $400, and paid subscriptions to American Ancestors and GenealogyBank needed for this project cost about $90.

Also, follow my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/YourFamilyHistory to see what I’m working on.

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I am a professional genealogist and volunteer researcher at the Nashua Historical Society. My favorite stomping ground for research is Acerra. My husband's family is from there and everyone is pretty much related to everyone else by marriage.