Part One

December 2022

Julia Harrison Lobdell did extensive Bentley research to help a client with her Colonial Dames application. She was encouraged to share some of her…
I was pitching a genealogy class as a history or English elective. This project was to demonstrate what I would expect from the final student paper. As…
I don't know everything, but I'm constantly learning and willing to help

November 2022

Please consider subscribing. To steal from PBS, these projects are made possible by contributions from viewers like you. Thank you! This project took…

October 2022

Who Lived in Holyoke, Massachusetts

September 2022

Thank You Way Back Machine
Photo CCO Public Domain I had a client who felt I was an idiot and not qualified to be a genealogist because the records I found did not agree with her…
My family history for the most part was just a bunch of names and dates. I knew nothing about these people but as I watched Genealogy Road Show, I loved…

August 2022

Slideshow for Hudson, NH Library Genealogy Club 12 Aug 2022

July 2022

Includes DNA descendants

June 2022

Italian Mojolica vase decorated in Faenza style. Lindisfarne Castle ©National Trust Volunteer Photography Team…